Care and storage

1. It is better to store jewelry in boxes and cases, preferably with separate compartments for storing each piece of jewelry separately. Soft fabric bags can also be great for storing your jewelry. Before storage, it is advisable to wipe the jewelry with soft suede or a piece of flannel; this will help to delicately polish the product, removing the smallest scratches and dirt.

2. To store silver jewelry, choose a dry and dark place away from radiators or heaters so that the silver surfaces do not lose their shine.

3. You cannot keep silver in paper, cardboard or wooden boxes, as this type of packaging provokes blackening.

4. Do not use powders or any products with hard particles for cleaning.

5. It is recommended that you occasionally have your jewelry professionally cleaned.

By adhering to these general rules, you will be able to preserve the original appearance, shine and beauty of your favorite and treasured jewelry for longer.